Working from home – is it for you?

Working from home- is it for you?

Covid 19 has dramatically influenced the way businesses operate. Working from home has become a common practice. For some, it has been an attractive career move, yet for others it’s been extremely challenging. Depending on your preferred work style, it can be the be the best thing for you, or the worst. If you are considering a work at home job, here are some advantages and disadvantages that we’ve identified.


You are Independent. Working from home gives you the opportunity to navigate and plan your day how you choose. This means you have to rely on self motivation, discipline, and focus. Time management and concentration are essential skills which will be developed

No commute. This career move eliminates your commute. This can be particularly advantageous in that it saves you time which can be spent elsewhere, and money.

Flexibility. You have a lot of flexibility with telecommuting jobs and this allows you to create a workflow based on your personal preferences. This can be extremely useful to parents working unconventional schedules and those who feel most productive at atypical hours of the day.

Personal working environment. Working from home allows you to create a surrounding environment that inspires you and triggers your creativity.

Less environmental impact. Commuting less allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.


You may struggle to separate home and work lives. An office environment that is simultaneously used as a leisure space may makes it challenging to distinguish the two. Accordingly, set clear boundaries between your work hours and personal time and create a workplace that promotes productivity.

Risks productivity. It takes a lot of discipline to get things done and not having pressure on you may make you lack focus, slowing down productivity.

Workplace disconnect. Telecommuting can lead to a disconnect with co-workers are you don’t get access to crucial information until someone from the company communicates it to you. Ensure that you stay connected with your colleagues through constant communication on platforms such as Universe Meeting Space, allowing you to see them face to face.

Isolation. Although you will have calls with team members, the lack of social interactions may leave you feeling isolated .

Distractions.      Potential distractions are everywhere when you work from home, so it takes a lot of discipline to focus on your job and actually get things done as efficiently as you would in a workplace

Lack of access to technology platforms. Your access to technological platforms may determine your capability. However Cloud platforms, like Universe Meeting Space, have made it easier than ever for remote workers to work from anywhere.

In conclusion, with the right technology in place, flexibility of working hours and independence may be highly beneficial. Having the option to work in a way that suits you best   and also reduces your environmental impact seems like a good career move which should be encouraged in the future.

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