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Why should your business consider using Voice Over Internet Protocol technology?

In today’s always-on culture, businesses need to be easily available to their client base if they want to get and stay ahead of the competition. The Internet has shaped the way we expect to do business and if your communications tools are not up to scratch you could well be missing out. You have probably heard how more and more companies like yours’ are looking to VoIP solutions for their business telephony but you may not be aware of the real benefits this can offer.


Adopting a VoIP system means you can access your telephony from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows for greater flexibility in an increasingly mobile world. VoIP solutions allow your remote and home workers to access the system using a compatible handset. It is worth looking for a provider who offers a mobile app that allows your workers to access the system remotely.

Ease of Use

You can deploy and administer a cloud based VoIP system with relatively little cost and effort. Technical support is on hand from service providers should you or your IT person need it, but modern online portals are often so simple that administrators are adding users and changing call flows in no time.


The great thing about telephony in the cloud is that you don’t need to buy a huge phone system and pay for unused capacity. You simply add users as you scale up so the systems grows as you grow. A good tip here is to look for a provider that bills on a per user basis so you are only paying for the users you have.

Quality of Service

A VoIP solution means that you are always connected even if disaster strikes. With traditional systems your phones stop working if your site is flooded or there’s a power cut. Look for a provider that offers other safeguards like toll fraud and call security you know your sensitive information will never get into the wrong hands.

Feature Rich

The advent of hosted VoIP telephony has allowed smaller and medium sized businesses to access enterprise telephony features like call recording at a fraction of the cost. IVR and music-on-hold instantly gives you a more professional image to your customer base. To get the best value it makes sense to look for a provider who includes features in all bundles.

Future Proof

We’ve already talked about how not investing in an expensive system can deliver cost savings into professional service organisations, but going hosted is also a springboard to other cloud based applications like file sharing and instant messaging. The beauty of the cloud is that you will already be enabled for future services and upgrades.

With BT announcing the demise of its traditional network in 2020 there has never been a better time to start looking at alternatives to your system. Speak to Oxon.Tech to learn more about Universe today.

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