6 VoIP features to improve schools’ communications!

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Any teacher will agree that schools and academies are under increasing pressure to do less with more. With budgets constricting and costs rising it could well be time to start looking at replacing your old school phone system; you want to save money on your phone bill but you don’t want to compromise on features. By switching to a VoIP phone system you will lower your phone bill for sure, but you will also get a future proof solution and access to the latest features you didn’t even know you needed.

Our top picks of  VoIP calling features that can enhance your school’s communications:

• IVR: Interactive voice response systems mean calls can be automatically answered with a professional greeting, followed by a list of touch tone menu options. Academies can even set up a separate IVR menu for each school.

• Caller ID: Incoming calls can be configured to display internal caller ID meaning staff know who is calling before they pick up

• Call queues: Queues route calls to the appropriate department. If a member of the department goes on a break, or is in a meeting they can easily remove themselves from the queue to stop their phone from ringing.

• Ring groups: Groups are a great way for schools to handle calls amongst a team or department. The admin office might want to set up a ring group where the Headteacher is called, followed by the Deputy, and the the secretary and so on.

• Opening hours routing: Academies can set call routing hours on a per school basis. After hours calls can be directed to your voicemail box.

Announcements: Schools can use the IVR to record special announcements, for example school closures. As VoIP admin interfaces are online this can be done from anywhere, particularly useful for snow days!

Why do schools need VoIP?

The benefits of VoIP for schools go beyond great features and cost savings. Financial flexibility, ease of use and streamlined internal communications have made traditional rigid analogue phone systems outmoded for the modern school. The beauty of hosted VoIP is that schools automatically have access to the latest features and upgrades, and getting stuck with an end of life phone system and having to source replacement parts becomes a thing of the past.

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