Universe Softphone: Why use a desktop softphone application?

Why use a desktop softphone application?

A softphone is simply a piece of software that has the capabilities of a traditional business phone and can be downloaded onto a PC or a mobile. A desktop softphone is when the application runs on a computer and is a replacement for a physical telephone. A softphone on a desktop has a display panel and buttons for the user to control like a standard phone interface.

Desktop softphones can deliver benefits like geographic flexibility, contact integration, colleague presence or status, and calls forwarding capability that can streamline business communications.

Complete flexibility: a softphone application allows you to connect with people no matter where you are and with the same number as long as you have a good internet connection. Hardware and wires are minimised, and call forwarding enables your softphone to route your calls to any device that has a softphone license attached to it.

Phone book integration: this next generation technology is unifying and provides an easy means of communicating on a global level. The more advanced applications mean that you can just click on a user rather than having to manually key in a phone number.

Efficiency: Real-time presence is a key element of modern call management. Knowing a colleague’s availability is useful for seeing who can answer incoming calls and picking up and transferring efficiently. With a desktop softphone, you can easily answer, mute or forward calls with the click of a mouse via a single view user interface on your computer screen.

Mobility: with a softphone your employees can work from anywhere, home, satellite offices or whilst on the move. A softphone moves where the user needs to go, so having it attached to employee’s laptop manes they can take calls at the office or when they are on the move.

Agility: softphone applications make it much easier to scale your phone system quickly and efficiently than with traditional telephony equipment. This is because a softphone can be deployed in a few clicks just like any other software, allowing you to add users quickly as you grow. With no hardware to configure, your new employees download the software and are up and running in no time.

Features: Many softphone solutions include a full set of telephony features like call recording, conferencing, ring groups and call queues. If the service provider releases a new version or adds new features, you usually get this for free, meaning you no longer have to buy new hardware to enjoy the latest version.

In Conclusion, Softphones cost less, are easy to deploy and help your team connect with each other and customers with ease. Softphone technology appeals to large organisations, business owners, remote workers and office based employees alike due to its scalability and future readiness. A desktop softphone is a solid choice if you want to support remote working and take advantage of a geographically dispersed workforce.

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