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Universe Mobile - The future of business communications

Introducing Universe Mobile, an exciting new business communication service from Firstcom Europe. The world is moving at an exceedingly fast pace and here at Firstcom, we do not want to see you tied to your desk. Break free from desk based communications and jump through to the future.

Offering Apple or Android devices that work exactly how you would expect a business desk phone to. Universe Mobile provides; call forwarding, conference calling, call recording, interactive voice response, geographical landline numbers and much much more. Worried about service? Don’t worry, we have it covered you can use our Firstcom Network to make calls over a mobile network as well as our universe app over VoIP (4G + Wifi).

It’s time to free your workforce from the confines of desk phone logic and move over to the logic that makes sense. Two numbers on your business cards? Who does that anymore, we certainly don’t.

When you’re fully mobile, your geographical number is your mobile! Get in touch with one of our team members today to get your telephony updated to the system that truly works for you.

More than a phone contract a new business solution

Universe is a powerful cloud based telephony solution that can really make your business stand out, and with the future going mobile, why not replace your desk phone with a mobile one!

With a company IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and a geographical number, you can truly go mobile with this solution! Call people from the mobile phones native app and appear as a geographical number, there is no longer a need to have two numbers, you can have one number that is professional and related to your business at all times.

Features of Universe Mobile

Call recording on a Mobile too! You can record calls that are answered on this mobile solution, allowing finance directors, accountants and more to be fully compliant without the restraints of a physical desk phone.

There is so much more we could tell you about this solution, so let us! Sign up for a virtual meeting below to take the next step into the future!

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