The cloud is your office

One sign-on for everything.

Use any device to share whatever’s on your screen with a colleague or client.

Universe Meeting Space is a virtual meeting room where you communicate with customers and colleagues.

Video and audio meetings created on the fly or scheduled in advance.

Phone, video, message- all together

Video and audio meetings

Online: It is like being there.

What can you do? Meet with other people. These can be colleagues or external contacts.

What do we do? We give you a space where you can arrange and hold your meetings in a structured way.

Features: Mute all others, raise a hand to speak, chat, stream or share video.

Participate: Use any device. Simply download the software onto a mobile from your app store.

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Screen sharing

Instant: start to share content in real-time. No need to email documents ahead.

Seamless: switch presenters with just one click. Use any of your devices to share your screen.

Visual: instead of explaining and idea you can show it. Great for online demos and training. Supports picture-in-picture view.

Efficient: Save time and money by working together online instead of travelling.

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Connect with ease

Simple: our interface makes it easy to to set up and use.

Flexible: choose how you communicate.

Unify:  one office in the cloud for all your users.

Integrated: Fully integrated with the Universe cloud-based phone system.

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Universe meeting Space gets you and your team communicating and collaborating from home just as if they were in the office. Video, screen sharing and message keeps everything instant and efficient.

You can make and answer calls professionally using the softphone application on your mobile and desktop devices. No need to install any additional hardware or software – just an all-in-one solution right at your desk.

Unified Communications solutions aren’t just for corporates.  Universe meeting Space makes life easier for SMEs too. Tools like online meetings and screen share allow your team to quickly solve problems and give better customer service. If you employ remote and mobile workers they easily connect with customers using the device they prefer.

Features like IVR can help create the impression of a large professional outfit when your customers call in.

Read more on how UC and SMEs here (Insert Link)

Because the solution works on users’ existing devices, you’ll be up and running in no time. No equipment to install, the system is set up remotely.

Your team will need minimal training as designed our interface to be as user-friendly as possible. Users can chat, call, host and attend video conferences with just one click.

Your license gives you:

  • Internal and external calls
  • Presence – on the phone, Do-not-disturb- means you can see your colleagues’ availability
  • Video conference
  • Meeting room where you can chat and share content
  • All accessible with just a click from your PC’s browser or via your smartphone.