Transform Microsoft Teams with Universe

Microsoft Teams is a shared workspace for conversations, files and meetings – so everyone can be more engaged and effective every day.

Universe is a premier cloud telephony service that gives everyone calling capabilities direct from their Microsoft Teams clients. In other words; Universe makes Teams talk.

Universe + Teams

The combination of the two brings all your users under one collaboration platform with a seamless experience when chatting, sharing and calling.

Use Microsoft Teams clients for Desktop and Mobile and gain full communication mobility.

Use Universe and host the entire phone system in the cloud. Management is easy and you can start your service without costly infrastructure and set-up changes.

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  • Universe telephone features in Microsoft Teams.
  • Universe simple calling plan for Microsoft Teams.
  • Universe feature packed monthly subscription.
  • Universe  no-tech “Do it yourself” – IVR.
  • Teams softphone on your mobile and desktop.
  • Teams users communicates like always.
  • Keep your 3rd party apps and add them to Teams.
Man in white shirt using an application on his mobile phone.


Universe “do it yourself” IVR makes call routing easy. Drag, drop and configure your company’s phone system in minutes.

Whenever you make an outgoing call you call using Universe cloud phone system. The Microsoft Teams client on your smartphone or Windows or Mac desktop calls out using Universe Cloud phone system.

Microsoft teams support a lot of different 3rd party apps properly also the ones that you use.

  • If you have Business Essential or Business Premium they must be upgraded to E1, E3 or E5.
  • E1 or E3 can work if you add the Microsoft phone system licence.
  • If you have an Microsoft E5 licence, you do not have to do anything. E5 has phone system licence included.
  • You need the Universe cloud phone system licence
  • Universe user licence (user calling plan)
  • Call2Teams licence.

Yes. We have a 30-days trial.

Yes, it works on Macs in the same way as all other devices.

Yes. Universe for Microsoft Teams works on all mobiles that will run the Microsoft Teams mobile app. This is currently available on:

  • Apple iPhones and iPads.
  • Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Windows tablets.In addition to this, Universe for Microsoft Teams delivers a one number function where all you devices, Universe and Teams clients, can receive incoming calls.

Our mission is to make business communication easy. The future may bring challenges, managing your communications should not be one of them. That is why Universe provides you with an easy DIY interface, so that you do not need a techie to handle your company’s telephony. You can do it yourself. We promise!