Does everybody need unified communications (UCAAS)?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCAAS)

As the world becomes more unified, communications do too, but do we all really need Unified Communications?

First of all, what is Unified Communications?

Well, Unified Communications is the term used to describe unified voice, video and chat services, making it easier to communicate with others at your company.  Some companies, however, have taken this to the next level with very expensive digital solutions that allow businesses to communicate across the world over the internet, with technology that makes you appear like you are in the same room.

When I was at Cisco’s offices in Manchester, I received a demo of their relatively new digital office solution, which consists of a table, some tablets and a huge curved digital screen. Once switched on the super high-quality screen and camera’s make you / the people on the other side, seem like they are in the same room. With a hefty £20,000 price tag plus though, per unit, only bigger businesses will be splashing the cash in the early days.

Back to the question at hand, do we all really need this? I believe the answer to be no because who needs big screens when we all have unified communications in our pocket, Smartphones provide every form of unified communications on a small form device, and surely this is more accessible for us all, than big digital screens in offices.

Steve Jobs actually introduced unified communications all the way back in 2007. As interesting as this is, we believe you can get Unified Communications by taking our Universe Mobile offering. If everybody is on the same mobile device then you have access to the world’s biggest app stores and access to instant messaging, video calling and voice, all from a small easy to use and accessible device.

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