Why software as a service?

Offer your clients a call recorder?

Technology forms an essential part of an SME’s infrastructure and IT Buyers or IT Consultants need select products and services that are right for the organisation’s long-term plans and are within budget complaints. Making wise purchasing decisions and effective IT management is crucial for IT consultants looking to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The emergence of of subscription based cloud services means that businesses are moving  away from big one-off purchases in favour of paying monthly for the IT services they use. Dropbox and Salesforce are great examples of of software-as-a-service being delivered into an organisation and where subscription based billing is replacing the outmoded way of invoicing.

Here are our top reasons for moving to software as- a -service:

1. No upfront investment. No expensive system to purchase, as-a-service essentially works like a rental. What is more organisations enjoy straightforward monthly billing on a per-user basis.

2. Outdated solutions are a thing of the past. Where software is delivered as a service new releases and upgrades are automatic meaning organisations always enjoy the latest version.

3. Ease of deployment. Applications are already configured meaning reduced set-up times and a lower learning curve

Telephony as-a-service

In the past an organisation had to purchase an expensive on-site phone system that was either managed in-house or outsourced to a PBX maintainer. The cloud has made these systems outmoded and expensive. As cloud based telephony is software based it is now moving further and further into the domain of IT and can be deployed in much the same way as any other IT application.

The cost of setting up, managing and maintaining a traditional telecommunications infrastructure can be high. If telephony is delivered through the cloud as a service, the service provider owns and maintains the system. Dynamic and growing businesses can quickly add users to fit changing demands, and straightforward monthly per user billing makes for predictable costs.

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Software as a Service is the way forward!

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