Flexibility is freedom

Extend the reach of your phone system with our softphone for mobile application.

Use your mobile just like a desk phone. Developed for your Apple or Android device, you get a fully featured communications tool wherever you go.

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Your Universe softphone will make, receive and transfer calls. High quality all the way.

It will show your colleagues presence, let you set your caller id, your group membership and forward any of your devices to anywhere you want. It will let you manage the company’s call flow right at your fingertips.

The Universe softphone will makes your life easier.


Flexibility and choice:  you get three installations of the Universe softphone when you subscribe. These can be deployed on any combination of desktop or mobile devices.

Easy to deploy: Users are provided with an easy to install download when their subscription is set up.

Superior call quality: feature rich VoIP with allows you to be professional and responsive from any location.

Intuitive user interface: no complicated menus to navigate, just simple drag-and-drop shortcuts and visual prompts.

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The softphone is fully integrated with the Universe cloud phone solution so logging in is easy. You just type in your Universe username and password and click the Login button. No complicated setting up to do; the software will install itself.

We use OPUS codec to ensure that your call quality is crystal clear. OPUS is designed to efficiently code speech to work over Internet based data circuits.

The softphone for mobile app does everything the Universe system does. Here are some of the key features:

  • Make and receive calls.
  • Transfer calls attended and unattended.
  • Manage company call flows as an admin.
  • Dial the contacts in your directory.
  • Listen to your voicemails.

When you take out a softphone  licence you get three instances which can be installed on the devices of your choice; mobile, tablet or desktop.