Service Outage Recently? Adam can help!

Service Outage Recently? Call Adam today!

Are you a Call/Contact Centre Manager fed up with service outages and the same old lame excuses? No UPS batteries, network needs “re-balancing” ??

Telecoms Resellers: Are your customers complaining and looking for alternatives? If they don’t churn now they might in the next 12 months citing service issues as the reason. Protect your base now!

We all know that telecoms are crucial to business and that is never more apparent than when the phones go down. Contact centre staff can be sitting there for hours being unproductive through no fault of their own. That’s no consolation when your boss is breathing down your neck asking why they’re twiddling their thumbs. Telecoms resellers are inundated with calls from irate customers but have their hands tied as they are at the mercy of the service provider. Your customers may not churn away now but you can be sure that when their contract is up for renewal they will be looking for a more stable reliable telephony service provider if they’ve suffered a recent outage.

Now is the time to look for a new provider who you can use as an alternative or for redundancy.

Our CTO Adam has 20 years’ experience designing contact centre and secure SIP solutions to business clients. Call him to see how Firstcom can offer you a more stable and reliable service.

Contact Adam today via this number.

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