6 VoIP features to improve schools’ communications!

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More and more schools and academies are replacing their old phone system with an Internet based or VoIP one. Some of the key drivers for this switch are as follows:

Our top picks of  VoIP calling features that can enhance your school’s communications:

BT has announced its decision to switch off the traditional analogue network by 2025. This means schools will need to find an alternative to their traditional system sooner or later..

With a VoIP phone system calls are made over the Internet so all schools need is a high speed broadband connection and compatible phones or devices.The increasing availability of high capacity bandwidth has made VoIP phone systems more accessible for schools.

Schools are now placing a premium on collaboration and efficiency.The advanced communications and collaboration capabilities that are only available from VoIP save schools time, streamline, improve productivity and make the best use of limited IT budgets.

With VoIP all the hardware and software needed to run the school’s communication system is located off-site where it is owned and maintained by a third party service provider. This frees up a school’s valuable IT resource as well as removing the need for costly hardware and installations.

Many VoIP service providers run a subscription based model for billing. Private schools, Academies and state schools alike are all feeling the pinch with the cost of computer equipment, textbooks and classroom supplies all going up. Controlling costs for telecoms upfront and knowing there will be no additional call costs is a compelling proposition.

In any educational establishment you can guarantee that the most in-demand person is the dedicated IT resource who more often than not resolves telecoms headaches as well. It is usually the IT resource who is asked to investigate replacing the school’s phone system and make recommendations as to which one to select. Most cloud based or VoIP systems offer new and exciting features that can really help your school be more responsive and efficient, but to really get the full benefit it is worth asking the provider to give you a demo of the user interface. By selecting a school phone system that allows users to set up and manage their own communications you will reap the additional benefits of allowing your IT resource to focus on IT tasks that are directly related to education.

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