Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Firstcom Review

The New iPhone, ten year edition - iPhone 8

Isn’t it exciting? Another new Samsung device thrown into the world, this time the company has made some serious changes to entice and wow existing and potential customers.

With the tagline unbox your phone, Samsung is going in with an alternative approach, by removing as much bezel as possible to allow for a more immersive experience. Here is our Firstcom review:


– Great Quality Display

– Futuristic Feel

– Fantastic High-Quality Camera

– New Innovation Approach


– Slow and oddly placed Fingerprint Scanner

– Some content looks awful with the curved display.


This is an awesome looking phone, that immersive screen is the centrepiece of the entire device and definitely does not disappoint in terms of its colour, performance and quality.

In terms of how this device feels, it fits right in the palm of your hand and is comfortable to use. Unlike the main competition, the iPhone 7, this device allows you to touch the entire screen without any awkward issues.

The metal combined with glass is a joy to use, it’s a premium device and it feels like it!

The latest edition of Android, played with by Samsung, is a design element in itself. This phone plus this version of the software go hand in hand in providing a great experience, premium feel and a sense of delight when using the phone.

If you are coming from iOS to Android, this edition of the software is nice to ex-apple users.

The New Samsung Galaxy S8
Universe Mobile!

The phone is thin and light, only weighing 155g, and retains the feeling of stability and sturdiness, Even with this new thin and light design, there is still a micro SD slot to allow for you to upgrade your phone’s storage as you go. 

It’s features like these and the 3.5mm Headphone jack on the bottom of the device that spots the difference between Samsung and it’s competition, showing that this is a device designed for it’s potential. existing and new users.

At the end of the day, this is a new device that acts as you would expect it to. The design is new, innovative and sturdy, rocking all of the features that make the S8 the S8. The two design faults that I personally have are as follows; the fingerprint scanner is in my experience slightly slow, and completely in the wrong place, the other fault is the awful looking Samsung logo on the back of the device… when are they going to brand these phones a bit better? I mean seriously this is a logo that would tarnish one of those old tv’s that took up half of the room years ago, why are we still sticking with it?


It’s quick, as quick as you would expect it to be. So quick that it begs the question when are these devices going to be quick enough?

Sporting a Samsung Exynos 8895 processor and 4gb’s of Ram, this device can load Candy Crush, your Instagram feed of selfies and food, that latest youtube video and more all in the background, making app switching even easier than it was before. 

The 3000mah Battery means that you will get the most out of this device, allowing for a full day’s usage on one charge. In three months time though, like most devices, expect to be taking your Micro USB cable around with you.

I mean there is enough juice in this device to use it as a fully fledged PC, plugging this into a screen opens up a truly futuristic approach, acting like a desktop PC, the device tailors its software to appeal to the PC user and it is a very awesome bit of kit! This is a device with he future in mind and I hope that the competition catch up, because Samsung are currently leading the way.


This device is awesome, its the first phone in a while that has actually wowed us over! With its unique and generally new design, fantastic performance and great new software experience, it’s the first Android device that I would actually consider using as a desk phone alternative at work! It’s great that this new device is available on our Universe Mobile platform, which means if you are a business user, you can take the plunge and use this a true desk phone replacement. Find out more about that here.

It’s a great device and I look forward to using it as my primary driver for the next couple of months.

Universe Mobile - Includes Samsung Galaxy S8!

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