Universe Softphone

Transform your computer into a desk

Softphone application with advanced call management

Make and answer calls on your computer with our intuitive Universe Softphone – for Windows and Mac application. It is fully integrated with our Universe phone system to give you a fully featured communications system that runs on your PC or MAC.

Simple to use: answer and make calls with the click of a mouse. Transfer calls by dragging the caller’s icon to another user’s icon. Copy and paste phone numbers from web pages for easy calling. The intuitive interface means you can easily see if a colleague is already on the phone.

Change the way you communicate

Everything you would expect from a phone system with the convenience of your desktop computer.

Flexibility: plug in a headset or use your computer’s built-in speakers to turn your PC into an all-in-one communications system. You can use Universe for Windows and Mac as a complete replacement for a traditional phone, or you may choose to have a phone on your office desk and run the app on your laptop when you work from home or the office or anywhere you can get a good internet connection.

Streamline: No need to buy additional hardware. No extra cables and power sockets; just run the Softphone App on an existing device. If you have restricted space and tight budget then Universe for Windows and Mac gives you maximum flexibility and great value for money.

Powerful:  Universe for Desktop delivers clear voice quality and seamless integration with company directory allows you to call your contacts with a simple click.

See how simple it is

How can Universe Softphone help your business?

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A superior softphone experience

✓  Clear voice quality

✓  Intuitive interface: see you colleagues’ status and use drag and drop to transfer calls.

✓  Easy to install via a simple download

✓ Three insallations of niverse for Windows and Mac are included with your subscription Allowing three devices to be linked to the service at any one time

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