Expanding pharmaceutical company adopts Universe

The Challenge

A UK-based pharmaceutical company needed a phone system that could streamline their communications.

The solution needed to be agile and scalable as they were expanding and relocating to new offices.

The company was building a portfolio of medicines targeting rare diseases.

They are in contact with a worldwide network of partners who have a variety of clinical disciplines.

The solution needed to enable them to collaborate with these partners with ease as well as accommodate expansion and growth.

The Solution

The company’s IT partner recommended Universe because of its efficiency boosting features and easy to use interface.

Universe removes the need for companies to purchase, operate and maintain a phone system.

Universe can quickly scale across sites and allows easy communication from any location.

With one company number and the IVR system, callers professionally greeted and quickly get through to the right department.

Users manage their own calls via the online portal. Administrators can set up conferences and time of day call routing without needing to call on IT staff.

The Benefits

The client is enjoying significant cost savings and a flexible phone system.

Monthly subscriptions mean that they know their telecoms spend upfront.

Users who make a lot of overseas calls take advantage of international call bundles.

The simple user interface means that IT staff are freed up to work on business critical projects.

What is more, the client does not have to worry about replacing or upgrading the system; Universe is updated automatically so they are confident they have the latest release and features.