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This guide will inform you about what Firstcom can offer your business! From our exciting products to our commission scheme, you can find it all in this easy to read guide! 


Universe is a cloud-based platform that gives you control over your business communications! With it’s simple and easy to use interface, you really can manage everything in one place!

Working across desktop and mobile devices, you can use the interface where ever and whenever you need to. As a partner, you can administer your clients services, whilst giving them control over certain aspects, making your life and their lives easier. Cisco Handsets are also included with the regular and executive package, creating an all in one solution for your client’s telephony.


We have a great commission model, by partnering with Firstcom, you can earn enough revenue from the commission to be able to afford one month’s salary for a sales rep, or tech engineer. This model is loved by our existing partners and we would love to see you join our list of partner companies and begin to earn some additional revenue from very little work.

This is because we use our in-house Sales and Marketing teams to assist you with closing a deal.

Let’s take it to the next level, book in a time for a call with one of our team to arrange a demonstration of the software and to talk about the prices and predicted commissions we can provide your business. If you like the demo, we will provide you with a free trial! Click here to book a webinar!

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