The NHS Breach – What can we learn?

NHS Security Breach - Security is an Emergency

Most businesses have an designated IT resource of some description and certainly larger ones will have an Information Security Policy which will set out certain tasks that should be carried out as routine. Examples of these are door access systems, procedures for when an employee leaves- removal of passwords and so on. It will also contain a section on patching which deals with software updates. In a lot of larger organisations like the NHS software updates are not automatically applied as IT Directors like to test them first to ensure that they don’t impact on day-to-day operations. The vulnerability exploited on last Thursday’s cyber attack was a known red alert that had been publicised some time ago. Microsoft had very quickly turned round a patch which the NHS had not applied.

Firstcom’s Managing Director and CTO, Adam Crisp explains; “ It is clear that the NHS need to urgently review their patching policy and procedures. It is absolutely critical that updates are tested and rolled out in a timely manner. Be reminded that a staggering two thirds of UK businesses have been subject to some kind of security breach.” This is a topic that should be taken seriously not least because the protection of Information or data is covered by the imminent General Data Protection Regulation. In order not to incur fines companies need to start the compliance process now; questions to ask are:

Where is your data?

How do you store it?

How is your data transmitted?

What encryption measures do you have in place?

And many others.

One thing that most business forget is the fact that Voice Over IP communications can use the public internet and therefore can leave you and your business vulnerable to eavesdropping and other forms of security breach. Here at Firstcom though, we believe that Security is a Critical Emergency and with GDPR around the corner, we can assist you in securing your voice communications. Get in touch below if you are interested In finding out more regarding our encryption solutions.  

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