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 For law firms to remain competitive in today’s challenging economic climate they need to adopt strong business processes and an effective IT strategy. Many UK law firms are still relying on traditional analogue phone systems for their telephony and are missing out on the flexibility and cost savings that Internet based communications can offer. And with BT announcing that it will be switching off its ISDN network in 2025 forward thinking firms are already looking to embrace cloud based IT and telecommunications technology.

Modern phone systems eliminate the need for law firms to invest in expensive equipment and allow for predictable monthly spend with the built in flexibility to suit changing demand, such as an increase in staff numbers or the opening of a new office. With the advent of the ISDN switch off it really is time to start looking for alternatives. Universe is simple to set up and manage either in-house or by your IT resource; our drag-and-drop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) means you can direct calls to suit the way you work and ensure that clients reach the right person first time. Fully mobile enable, your mobile phone becomes an extension of your desk phone meaning you can make, take and divert calls wherever you are.

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If you are an IT Support Company offering engineering and consultancy services to the legal sector your reputation will depend on great customer service and the quality of the solutions you offer. You already have a loyal client base who relies on you to deliver cost effective tailored IT solutions, so it makes sense for you to take ownership of all their business critical functions by adding telephony to your portfolio. Modern cloud based systems like Universe are IT based meaning that you can seamlessly integrate them into your client base and quickly enjoy increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Perhaps you already have telephony in your portfolio but have shied away from the legal sector due to compliance issues. You will already know that modern hosted systems offer essential features like call recording but security may have been a barrier for clients where Data Protection is crucial. Universe is the only solution of its kind that offers call encryption as standard meaning that legal firms can now take full advantage of the flexibility of the cloud whilst having complete peace of mind that confidential information is protected.

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