Seven wonderful things you can use a Universe IVR for.

Seven wonderful things you can use a
Universe IVR for.

In the modern world technology moves so fast, and although some may say that the phone is old fashioned, business telephony is in fact becoming more and more advanced. The Universe IVR with it’s simple and easy to use interface is one of our customer’s favourite features. We love it too and this blog is going to show you some of the innovative things that you can do with it.

1) Opening Hours

With the Universe IVR, you can set Opening Hours as a variable for certain actions, allowing you to create custom elements of the auto attendant for custom parts of the day. We have a couple of clients that are radio stations, and these guys are really clever with the way in which they use their IVR. They use the Opening Hours element in order to have an option that tells the end user who is live on the radio and at what time they are on. When we were told about this, we were just over the moon with this innovative approach.

2) PIN codes

As you can imagine, we do the communications for a number of service providers and IT companies. One of the things that they love is the ability to add a Pin code to a certain section of their IVR.  This allows the company to charge their clients for 24/7 support and enforce it by giving out a support pin to their clients that pay for the additional support package. It’s a great addition to their IVR and a great service that we can offer to our clients.

3) Menus

Another element of the IVR is Menus. Menus allow companies to have a variety of options that route into different internal and external numbers. We have a few startups using our communications platform and they love the fact that they can have a menu to increase their company image and perception to people using the phone to contact them. The ability to also call a mobile from the IVR if you are unable to answer the phone also makes startups’ lives easier.

4) Send SMS

The SMS feature of the IVR is very innovative, this feature allows our customers to schedule a text message to be sent to them when they tell it too. Estate agents using our system love this feature because they are either on the phone all the time or out and about on visits, so when they are unable to answer a call or they receive a text message telling them that somebody tried to call them.

5) Recording

Some of our clientele in the professional sector are required to record all inbound calls to their phone system. The recording feature gives these companies the ability to to do this, meaning they can comply with their obligations to record calls and have all of the other features of an IVR that we have mentioned above also.

6) Voicemail Mode

Voicemail is something that we all know about and probably use at least once a week. With the Universe IVR you can use Voicemail for innovative things as well as well voicemail. An example of this is one of our Universe retail customers. They link option six from their menu to a voicemail box, which says “Press 6 to leave a testimonial of your in-store experience.”. Allowing customers to be able to give some feedback to the company about their experience and providing them with valuable insight into how they can improve customer satisfaction.

7) Play a Sound.

Playing a sound is a great way of quickly adding a corporate or company message to your IVR system. Some of the Universe users, including Firstcom ourselves, use this option in order to be able to tell people who phone us that we are at an event on this date or that date. Giving our inbound callers the ability to hear what we are up to and promoting any training event or show that we are running.

So in conclusion, this awesome product and feature of Universe, is more than an auto attendant, it’s a really simple and easy marketing tool for your business, allowing you to be innovative with how we use the phone and what we want our customers to hear. Click here to see how easy it is to set up an IVR.

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