Universe features
One number One number is easy to remember for customers and colleagues.  One number that rings across all your devices means that you never miss a call again.
One voice mail One mailbox for all your messages received across all your devices.
One subscription One user can share a subscription between all Universe devices.
Multiple devices Share multiple devices across your user subscription.
Multiple Numbers One user can share multiple telephone numbers between all their devices.
Phone system management It’s graphical. It’s drag and drop. It’s just building blocks- not technical at all.
Auto Attendant A digital receptionist helps the customer to reach the right person or department in your company.
Queues A way to handle customers while they wait for an agent to answer the their call.
Queue Announcement A function that tells customers what number they are in line.
Call Recording Private Users private recordings.
Call Recording Pro Company-wide stereo recordings. Stereo lets you listen to each participant in turn.
Greetings Professional greetings to welcome your customers.
Opening and closing hours Route incoming calls based on time of day.
Calendar Route incoming calls based on the day of year- useful for holiday periods.
PIN Give customers access to services base on PIN access. For example 24 hour access.
Text to speech Write it and Universe will read it out loud. Universe has a brilliant text to speech feature.
Sound file Upload a sound file and let Universe play it.
Forward IVR to external number Send your customers to the destination of your choice.
Hunt groups Choose how you want your agents to answer incoming customer calls.
Group pick-up Help each other answer calls by instantly putting yourself into a ring group.
Jump to new IVR If you have several call flow strategies, IVRs, you can link your call flows together.
Branch IVR Split your IVR into several different tracks and manage your entire company’s incoming telephony from your mobile app.
Send email from IVR Get an email if a customer wants to be called back or if you want an alert.
Send SMS from IVR Get a text if a customer wants to be called back or if you want an alert.
Prefix Routing Route incoming calls based on the number that is calling.
Divert Calls Divert your calls before they reach the IVR.
International Say that you have an overseas office in Germany,  and you want to answer your German customers from the U.K. You can have a German telephone number on Universe so that your customer service seems local to your German customers. You can even change the language of your IVR to German.
On line usage No more looking for printouts that have been filed away. Instead you can see all your usage online in the Selfcare portal.
Music on hold  It is your choice. Royalty-free music or your own. We play whatever.
Phone book Company and private.
DND Do not disturb for you and your device, when you need at little silence.
Call notification Universe will let you know if someone left you a message.
Rights Set rights on a per-user basis.
Timeline for user List of your last 25 events in a simple timeline.
Statistics See the real time status of all your queues and download reports.
Call Encryption When you need privacy.
Fax You no longer have to walk all the way to the storage room to send a fax. Now, you just send it from your PC.
Voice mail as an attachment Get the message right in you inbox.
Voice mail notification Notifications on sms or email
Visual Voice mail No need to fight your way through endless star commands.
MicroSoft Teams Use MicroSoft Teams for collaboration and Universe for calls
Door entry control Either use a ATA or set as a SIP telephone device.
Wallboard Overview and real-time status of all your queues right in your browser.
Device support We support Cisco and Yealink in the UK.
Softphone for Mobile
One number Your softphone can be a part of your one number solution alongside your desktop phones. You can control your one number from the mobile application.
Time before voice mail Set the time before your voice mail kicks in so you have time to answer.
User presence See the presence of all your colleagues on your softphone.
Visual voice mail Scroll through your voice mails, press to listen, swipe to delete or call back.
in/out of queues Quick logging in and out of queues. You can do while traveling.
Change call flows As an admin you control the companys call flow from your mobile.
Call forward Always and no answer (includes busy)
Call transfer Attended and unattended.
Mute Mute the call.
Pause When paused the other party listens to music on hold.
Speaker Speaker on and off.
Call by extension Call any extension number.
Set caller id Pick any number on your list.
CLIR Be anonymous when calling.
Phones Android and iOS
Langauge English, German, Polish, Danish.
Softphone for Windows and Mac
One number Your softphone for Windows and Mac can be a part of your one number solution together with your desktop phones and your softphone for mobile.
Login to Universe Self-care  Login to Universe Self-care account directly from the desktop application. That gives you easy access to all your settings.
User presence See the presence of all your colleagues on your softphone.
Phone book Full Universe phone book integration.
Visual voice mail Scroll through your voice mails, press to listen, swipe to delete or call back.
Auto start-up Start your computer and your application automatically starts. You are ready to receive your first call of the day.
Easy Call You can call without use of a dial pad.
History You can call without use of a dial pad.
Call forward Always and no answer (includes busy)
Call transfer Drag and drop the call to transfer.
Call by extension Call any extension number.
3-way conference Visual setup.
Click to dial for Windows and Mac.
Set caller id Pick any number on your list.
Easy answer Click the the call or use keyboard short code.
OS Windows and Mac
Langauge English, German, Danish, Polish
Channels Flexible alternative to ISDN. You can have multiple channels connecting to out network via your PBX.
Emergency fall back number If disaster strikes, you’ll have a back-up number that will receive all incoming calls and keep your business running.
Registration Use dynamic registration or set your own.
Authentication An outbound call must contain Username and Password for authentication.
CLIP SA Set what ever outgoing telephone that your contract allows.
Codecs G.711 a/u.law, G.722, T-38
Speech bundles Get a subscription for all your usage.
SIP functions CLIP-SA, CLIR
Call encryption It is all about being safe.
Bulk assign numbers Easy assignment of numbers in Universe.
Meeting Space
Screen share Picture-in-Picture (PiP) while you screen share
Mute yourself
Video on/off
Microphone and camera control
Join using a mobile app Android and iOS
Share YouTube Video
Chat Group and private chat.
Mute as moderator All start muted. Mute all other than the speaker.
Video All start hidden.
Follow me Moderator
Kick someone out Moderator
Create, edit and cancel a meeting Creator
Agenda Creator
Add members (company and external) Creator
Set member rights Creator
Create and edit meeting templates Creator
Schedules meetings Ad hoc meetings, one time, and recurring meetings.
Meeting overview In Selfcare
Language English, German, Swedish, Polish, Danish, France, Spanish, and others.