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We love securing communications, we're know for it.

Call encryption for GDPR and Information Security.

We were proud to launch our SIP Encrypt service in 2011 and we’ve been providing businesses with secure VoIP phone lines ever since. If you have an Information Security Policy you need to encrypt your calls. We will all be required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation by May 2018, and securing the transmission of voice data will help you avoid hefty fines.


If you have a PBX and do not want to invest in one, you can still take advantage of all the benefits of VoIP by adopting our fully encrypted cloud based solution. Firstcom’s cloud platform has all non-secure protocols disabled for complete peace mind.

Professional Workers, we can help with your telephony!

 SIP Encrypt: Wire-tap proof VoIP calls.
We deploy a SAFEGateway at your site to encrypt all voice traffic between your phone system and Firstcom. If you already have a VoIP provider and are concerned about encryption, our service is compatible with all leading IP PBX manufacturers, so switching to a secure solution couldn’t be easier.

Want to find out more about our encryption products, please click here to book a webinar going through the services that we offer.

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