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Communications in Education should be this simple!

Technology continues to dominate and drive change in the business world, schools are now placing a premium on collaboration and efficiency.

In any educational establishment you can guarantee that the most in-demand person is the dedicated IT resource who more often than not resolves telecoms headaches as well.

It is usually the IT resource who is asked to investigate replacing the school’s phone system and make recommendations as to which one to select.

By choosing Universe for Education you get  a reliable feature rich system on a per-user subscription basis saving you time, money and streamlining your communications.

Improve parent experience

With Universe schools can set up their IVR to provide fast, accurate call routing so parents can communicate with teachers and staff who are on the move.

Connect and collaborate

Advanced presence and call transfer features allow users to collaborate with ease, even in different buildings.

Do more with less!

Eliminate monthly line and extension fees. Schools and college users all share one system in the cloud. Consolidate voice, data and video.

Be more efficient!

Universe is easy to adopt, scale and deploy meaning technical staff can focus on education related IT tasks.

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