Firstcom build a high capacity SIP solution for Europe’s busiest taxi company.

The Challenge

Delta Taxis in Liverpool were growing fast; their low cost private hire service had seen telephone bookings increase from 4.5 million  to 6.3 million in the space of two years. They were moving to larger premises to house extra staff and facilities.

One challenge was how to retain the same number despite the change of area code that the move would bring about. Delta’s number had been the same for 40 years so changing it was not an option. The biggest challenge was moving the £3 million control centre without loss of service.

The Solution

SIP trunking offers simple portability of the phone number. Not having to install a physical ISDN line, low operating costs and unlimited scalability was appealing to Delta’s IT team. But they were aware that this would not a simple implementation. The VoIP would need to integrate with Delta’s other suppliers in order to complete the complex book and dispatch process.

Firstcom provided: voice and data over private mobile radio, telephone call centre and IVR, best match car booking systems and ring on approach.

The Benefits

Delta’s Call centre is the busiest taxi despatch operation in Europe, currently taking 7.2 million bookings annually over its 150 SIP Trunks. Forty percent are processed automatically by CabCall’s interactive voice response system with the remaining filtering over to the call centre.

The call centre maintains an average response time of less the 2 seconds despite peak call rates of over 10 calls per second. Firstcom provided extensive vendor integration assistance to Delta. They have helped Delta build a 100% 24/7 system uptime solution.