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Increase productivity by 300%

“If your business makes lots of calls, a dialer solutions may be just right for you”

Increase your productivity by 300% and achieve more in less time with our hosted pay-as-you-go dialer service. You have full flexibility to prioritise campaigns, call queues, agent priorities, lists, inbound call processes, etc. The service is fully scalable, from 1 – 5,000 operators.

With the Firstcom dialer you can expect to increase sales, talk time and penetration.  As a cloud-based platform, our experience is that it is easily adopted and rolled out with no software to install.  As well as being a perfect tool for call management, it offers a range of live reporting, analytics and clear compliance benefits.

The Firstcom dialer integrates with Salesforce and Zendesk CRM as standard.  We also offer a range of bespoke integration options.

The Firstcom dialer solution is feature-rich and includes

Full reporting and cost audits

Full visibility of what your staff are doing at any time

Different permission levels allow staff to access the resources they need without exposing your business to unnecessary risk

Full audit trail so you can see exactly who changed which settings and when – all at no extra cost

Transparent billing, giving you instant access to a real-time view of the cost of each call, each site, along with your current credit balance.

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“The Firstcom dialer platform can help you enforce compliance”

There are three dialling modes that you can use with the dialer – preview (lets you preview info before a call), progressive (one agent to one call) and predictive (for every one agent, multiple calls are placed simultaneously).  Predictive mode is very effective when used correctly.  With the Firstcom dialer used in predictive mode, there is an algorithm to assess the number of available agents, data and the history of the data that predicts how many concurrent calls can be made to keep agents busy whilst keeping abandon rates to a minimum and monitoring the number of those abandons.

Answer-machine detection in some dialers can be one cause of abandoned calls, where the dialer misdetects a person for an answer machine. The Firstcom dialer algorithm minimises the risk of these false positives by passing any such calls through to agents.

Many organisations have to record and retain calls to comply with regulations governing their operations, e.g. FCA-regulated organisations.  With the dialer’s built-in optional call recording feature, this can easily be accomplished.

Dialer Integration

The dialer API (application program interface) enables clients to integrate key business workflows as well as applications such as lead management tools and CRMs.  This effectively means that clients can integrate with other systems without third-party involvement.

The dialer platform directly integrates with several major CRMs, including Zendesk and Salesforce.

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What our customers have to say

Tony Robinson – Via Clinic

I have been using Universe for 5 months now and have to say it is the most user friendly unified communications product I have seen. My customers love the voice quality and as a company our productivity has been aided by the range of advanced features it offers.

Customer Testimonial - Amtech Business Solutions logo
Dave Melin, Managing Director and Founder of Amtech Business Solutions

Working with a service provider who listens and takes feedback onboard is a refreshing change! We love the fact that we are listened to and we can affect change. Secondly – we feel that the values of Firstcom closely match the values of Amtech, so working in partnership with them ensures that our services are cost effective, reliable and tailored. As technology evolves so quickly, having a partner who is agile and flexible ensures we are always competitive with our customers and able to provide profitable solutions.

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James Partner, Managing Director of Oasis Technology.

I really cannot praise Firstcom highly enough. Without exception, every single member of their staff are a joy to deal with. They are professional yet friendly; know their product inside-out; and of paramount importance to us – they take time to listen to and understand our needs. They are truly the communications provider we had been looking for, for such a long time. All I can say is that I wish we had gotten to know them a long time ago!

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