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Looking to implement a cloud or hosted contact centre or a contact centre as a service (CCaaS) solution?

Firstcom are experts in contact centre technology and one of the UK’s leading business sources for cloud contact solutions, training and consulting.  Putting our cloud (available anywhere) and contact centre (contact handling) expertise together, we offer the best in cloud contact centre solutions.

We make sure our clients have the knowledge and expertise to successfully deploy new contact centres and deliver performance improvement programmes for existing operations.

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Why Cloud

  • None of the cost, complexity and admin overhead of on-premise contact centre solutions
  • No need for specialized equipment on site; no investment in infrastructure
  • A hosted contact centre means uptime, upgrades and infrastructure all taken care of for you

  • Easily scalable for seasonal highs and lows

  • You only pay for what you use

  • Integration options are broader

Why engage with us?

  • You’ll be up and running in days

  • Speedy hands-on or remote onboarding

  • Skills-based routing, real-time monitoring, help desk, telesales

  • Multi-channel contact: phone, email, chat and web callback

Automation, Performance & Engagement

Firstcom has worked in a number of sectors including the financial services, energy and retail & leisure sectors to implement customer engagement solutions – whether for traditional outbound sales, to automate regular customer touchpoints like meter reads or to implement click-to-pay debt collection.

Firstcom’s experience is that great customer service is optimally achieved through a balance of automation, performance and engagement.  We have honed this experience to become great at aligning your organisation’s people with technology to deliver better customer engagement and for greater operational efficiency.

Firstcom recognises the importance of transparent and measurable communication between organisations and their customers.  We have a long-established practice of deploying key solutions and services in a number of sectors to help organisations deliver a consistent, measurable service in a world where customer imperatives are to engage by any available channel and where scrutiny of the quality of that engagement is instant.

The APE methodology is all about automating processes and helping staff work smartly through intelligent right-fit technology.

APE technologies

Customer engagement is no longer just about how you want to contact customers; it’s all about how they want to contact you or be contacted by you.  They decide how they contact you, when they contact you and what their expectations are.  Your service is measured daily against your competitors and how you perform is public in real-time via your own and other independent social media platforms such as Facebook and TrustPilot.

The flexible architecture of the 8×8 Contact Center lets you integrate your headquarters, remote offices and outsourced locations into a virtual contact centre. They’ll operate seamlessly as one team regardless of geography.

Traditionally, deploying a contact centre across multiple sites and geographies required long lead times, additional specialized infrastructure and a dedicated IT staff.  With 8×8’s Contact Center, agents simply need a phone, an internet connection and a web browser to get started.

As well as reducing overheads and optimizing agent productivity, 8×8’s Contact Center helps organisations achieve business continuity and customer service resilience.

Some of 8×8’s Contact Center features include

  • Multi-channel contact handling
  • Skills-based routing
  • CRM integration
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical reporting
  • Web callback
  • IVR
  • CTI
  • Call recording

Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre solution is a highly flexible and scalable multi-channel solution for companies of all sizes.  It manages voice, chat, email, social media and SMS interactions within the same application. With Puzzel, Firstcom’s clients experience increased productivity, closer customer contact and improved service levels.

Puzzel is quick to roll out and can integrate with pretty much any other technology in your contact centre including CRM and payment solutions.

Puzzel is rich in functionality and available in modular form enabling you to adapt the solution easily to the needs of your business.

Puzzel’s modules include:

  • Callout
  • Click-to-call
  • Presence management
  • Agent status control
  • Intelligent routing
  • Inbound screen pop-up
  • Call recording
  • Silent monitoring
  • Statistics
  • Real-time reporting
  • Workforce optimization
  • Speech analytics

Unified Communications

Leverage all communication channels from a unified cloud-based platform

Multi-channel brings the challenge of several communications channels that may not be connected to one another.  The lack of linked-up customer data means customers can get passed between multiple different advisors before their call is resolved.

By integrating your contact centre seamlessly with the rest of the business, the contact centre can unify all communications into one system that’s easy to manage, which improves the experience for the customer and advisors by speeding up call resolution.

There should be one view of each individual customer, no matter which channel they have chosen to contact you.  Ideally, this view should be available to the agent in one solution so that when a customer calls, the agent has a clear history of their interactions and can quickly help solve their query.

Contact Centre Unified Communications

This solution should queue interactions together, along with other workflow, regardless of channel so that all inbound customer contacts are answered according to the SLAs you set.

Whether with Firstcom’s own unified comms solution or the 8×8 solution you really can have it all: world-class business phone services, collaboration and virtual meetings along with enterprise ready contact centre solutions in one secure Unified Communications Suite.

“A comprehensive unified communications application that integrates a business softphone with visual voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, multi-media conferencing and social media”

8×8 Work is a collection of comprehensive web-based business VoIP solutions.  In addition to standalone PBX, mobile support, video conferencing, softphone, SIP trunking and Internet fax, the system also offers a myriad of other applications within the suite. Integrated ACD, CTI, call recording, conference calling and auto attendant are available to address the communication needs of a small, mid-sized or enterprise business.

8×8 Work integrates with third-party software such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar CRM.  8×8 Work is well designed with a robust set of core and advanced features that include call fowarding, a chat client and a presence feature to indicate availability status.

The mobile client, available for iOS and Android, lets users access their office phone via their personal mobile device with recipients seeing your office phone number and extension, not the mobile device’s number. Using the app, you can make and receive calls (including video calls if your device is capable), check voicemail, define presence, handle 3-way calling, record any call, and even receive faxes.

For businesses looking for a call centre solution, 8×8 Work is fully integrated with 8×8’s Contact Center.

Multi-Channel Solutions

Firstcom is a leading provider of multi-channel contact centre solutions. In recent times multi-channel has usually meant voice, SMS, email and web chat, with video and social media being channels that are now used more and more.


Payment Solutions

Our payment solutions enable businesses to take payments flexibly and securely.  They include

  • pay-by-phone IVRs
  • agent-assisted payments
  • web payments
  • click-to-pay by email, chat and SMS


Our contact centre solutions are just one facet of Firstcom’s suite of customer engagement solutions. See below for some of our other productivity tools.

Back in March of this year we decided as a business that we needed to upgrade the “technology” behind our call centre and back office teams. On visiting the Call and Contact Centre Expo at ExCel in London, and out of all the businesses there offering similar products, we were immediately drawn towards Firstcom because of their approachable nature and collaborative support culture. This was quickly and professionally backed up by onsite meetings to understand our needs and desires, and then with thought out and well-presented recommendations. We know that we have made the right choice in wanting to work with Firstcom and we are looking forward to our relationship developing as we move forward as a business.

William Bryant, Head of Customer Services at Providor

We have worked with Firstcom for many years across the contact centre and find them to be extremely responsive and competent in handling our requests, often dealing with extremely short timescales and industry specific challenges.

The solutions we use which are delivered by Firstcom are live systems which are required to be available 24/7 and have proven to be highly scalable.  When challenges occur Firstcom are transparent and work as if they part of the Spark team in a true partnership.

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