Your cloud telephony security questions answered!

Your cloud telephony security questions answered

The way we work is constantly changing and this is all thanks to the cloud. The cloud is no longer just a place where we store information; it has become a place where critical personal and business information is exchanged. Can you ever be sure that the information you hold in the cloud is completely secure? The short answer for the immediate future is “no”. Technology is progressing so rapidly that some cloud service providers are struggling to address security issues.

There are many reasons why we are choosing to move our phone systems into the cloud. These are the top three:

  • Space: Telephone systems take up a lot of physical space. Moving your system into a data centre frees up floor space for your staff. Or if you are a start-up it means you can either set up a home office or rent smaller premises.
  • Cost: Once your system is set up in the cloud you start to benefit from a guaranteed monthly charge for all your communications needs.
  • Flexibility: Cloud based phone systems

When evaluating a cloud telephony provider, asking the right security questions will help you determine whether they are good fit. Here we answer the questions we are most frequently asked:

Is VoIP more secure than cloud?

VoIP is a broad term for Internet based telephony and this includes the cloud. Essentially the cloud and VoIP are one and the same. Both mean that calls are delivered over the Internet. Calls made over the public Internet are inherently insecure; we focus on encrypting call traffic rather than getting bogged down on whether the hardware is on-site or in the cloud.

Will the cloud mean I lose control of my data?

The cloud is a relatively new technology, but actually when we refer to the cloud we are simply talking about a system that resides in a data centre so security concerns are no different to when there is a physical phone system. It really boils down to what level of security the telephony provider guarantees.

Is Internet telephony more vulnerable to security breaches?

In a word -yes! Traditional analogue telephony is by definition secure. Many businesses have moved over to IP telephony without realising that it does not offer the same level of encryption that ISDN did. If you want a true like for like ISDN replacement you should question the service provider about call encryption on VoIP.

How can I assess the security of my cloud service provider?

Don’t let fears of reduced security stop you from embracing the cloud and all the benefits that Internet telephony can bring you, however regardless of virtual or physical components if information security or compliance is important to you begin by asking about how calls over the Internet are made wire-tap free.

The bottom line: cloud security is always in the hands of the service provider, and this is just as true in the telecoms world. IP telephony service providers have a responsibility to ensure proper security and this is never more pressing than now with the General Data Protection Regulation almost upon us!

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