Get a Cisco Phone included. No Seriously….

The New iPhone, ten year edition - iPhone 8

Receiving a top quality product as a service seems to be a dream nowadays, but with Firstcom’s Universe Platform, you can get one of the latest Cisco Executive Phones included!

The 7800 and 8800 series has proven to be a great success within the telecommunications market, and have a variety of industry standard features that make calling from a desk phone nicer and easier than ever. These phones are great to look at too… not only do they provide great quality sound and voice, they are sexy to look at and fit in well on most people’s desks.

One of our clients, Great Yarmouth Community Trust, told us that these phones added value to their charity and that they personally felt lucky and privileged to have these beautiful and high-quality handsets on their desks.

“Charity’s can never afford to have devices like these, so we appreciate the fact that with the cost effective Universe platform, we get a fantastic quality handset included” – Samantha, one of the Managers at GYCT

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer these devices to some of your clients, and dominate their IT and Telecoms spend? Well if you sign up as a Firstcom Partner, then you will have the opportunity to offer the best handsets to your clients, alongside an IVR, hosted PBX and more.

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