Growing legal firm adopts Universe

The Challenge

Like many businesses across the UK, our client, an expanding law firm had a traditional analogue phone system.

Following expansion into additional regions, their IT support partner identified the need to centralise their phone system.

The firm deals with every type of criminal law case,but specialises in family law.

The firm employs 260 people in the South of England across nineteen offices.

The Solution

Cloud technology is a future proof solution for customers looking to rationalise their communications and reduce costs.

Universe was selected because of its simple user interface, full range of features and ease of deployment.

The subscription based billing model meant that the client would only pay for their current requirements and could scale up on a per-user basis.

The Benefits

The client is enjoying  significant cost savings. Unifying the phone system has enabled seamless communication between 19 offices with a singular bill for all sites.

A 50% cost saving was realised in the first year and beyond.

The client has the ability to quickly scale up to accommodate new staff and offices.

The client’s in-house IT resource can manage the system on a day-to-day basis without having to call on external IT support.