The VoIP Solution

The Company

The VoIP Solution for Reeds Solicitors deal with every type of criminal case from high-profile murders through to straightforward traffic offences. They have a strong and successful Family Law Department handling both Legal Aid and private work and are one of the only law firms in the Thames Valley to have a dedicated Immigration Department.Radon Networks have been managing Reeds’ telephony since 2007 . By 2013 the company had rapidly expanded into nine offices across the South of England.

The Challenge

Anj Latif , IT Consultant from Radon Networks identified that replacing the existing traditional analogue phone system would be beneficial to Reeds. A VoIP system is ideal where there are multiple offices as it it centralised and reduces cost. The concern was the fact that VoIP calls are made over the Public Internet and are therefore not inherently secure. With client confidentiality of paramount importance to Reeds, Radon needed to implement a VoIP solution that included call encryption.

The Process

“Reeds are a forward thinking firm that were keen to embrace the latest IT and telecoms technology to benefit the business and its clients. ” explains Anj Latif. Radon selected SIP Encrypt as the best solution based on core criteria of being cost effective and currently the only VoIP solution in the UK that has been audited as wire-tap proof. Radon installed Firstcom’s SAFEGateway at Reed’s head office as part of the service. The device acts in the same way as a firewall and encrypts all calls between the customer site and Firstcom’s network.

The Solution

Reeds not only have a compliant secure phone system, but they also benefit from the ability to seamlessly communicate across all nine sites and receive one singular bill. They have enjoyed 50% cost savings in the first year and beyond along with the ability to quickly increase capacity in line with their five year growth plan. Radon were crucial in the success of the project. They combine strong technical skills with a track record of working with the client to understand their business needs and the Reeds project is testament to this.

The VoIP Solution - Case Studies - Reeds!

The VoIP Solution - The Company

The VoIP Solution - The Challenge

The VoIP Solution

The VoIP Solution - The Solution

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