Call Recording

Simple user level call recording.

How to get it?

Call recording used to be complicated and expensive and only available to large companies, but the cloud has changed that. With Universe cloud call recording that’s no longer the case. Call recording can instantly be enabled for your business as part of your Universe phone system. There is no need to buy extra equipment.

Every call that your staff makes or receives can be recorded and stored safely in the cloud. You can search recording based on time or date of call, incoming phone number or Universe User account.

Why do you need to record calls?

You may want to record calls for compliance, security or even staff training purposes.

You need to stay competitive by exceeding customer expectations. Recording and monitoring every call with customers, suppliers and partners is a great way to do this. Call recording allows you to gain an insight into customer behaviour, identify trends and improve customer service in your business.

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How can call recording help your business?


Record calls in stereo: Isolate one speaker in turn to establish precisely who said what. Crucial in dispute resolution.

Easy access and playback: Find and play back the most relevant conversation in your call logs. Forward calls to colleagues as email attachments.

Completely Secure: Keep recorded data secure and available. Archive older recordings to free up space.

Simple to set up and manage: Administrators can set up automatic and on demand call recording to user accounts from their portal log-in.

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Call recording

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