Call recording: 5 reasons your business needs it.

Call Recording

Although many interactions are now taking place online, the phone call has not yet been replaced as the top business communications method. If you want to improve customer service and you are not already deploying some form of call recording you should think about doing so. Here are our top five reasons for considering a call recording solution.

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Not only do call recording solutions help you listen to the quality of service your agents are giving, but they also allow you to gather data on what customer service practices get better results. In the event of dealing with a customer complaint, playing back calls can help you identify where things went wrong and take measures to address this for future interactions.

  1. Effective training: Provide feedback to your team so that you can help them improve their phone manner, communications skills and overall performance. This becomes even more powerful if you include the employee in the playback and involve them in determining which skills they need to work on. 

  1. Dispute resolution: the ability to retrieve and play back a call is really useful when resolving a complaint or dispute. Knowing what was actually promised can help protect your staff or prompt you to coach them or improve call scripts if remedial action is needed.

  1. Effective listening and engagement: your team can fully engage with customers when taking a call, rather than worrying about making notes during the conversation. Call recording and playback that you never miss critical details that are given.

  1. Improved compliance: whatever your sector, you need to safeguard the information that is shared during a phone call. Call recording helps companies operate within best practices and comply with industry or European regulations like MiFiD II and the GDPR.


Recording your employees’ business calls is a valuable telephony feature. From identifying training needs, better quality control to gathering customer intelligence, call recording is a powerful tool for call centre managers and small business owners alike. Today’s cloud-based solutions are no longer only within the grasp of companies with big IT budgets. If you want to create a great customer experience and improve employee performance then this feature is for you.

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