Are your clients asking for a call recorder?

Offer your clients a call recorder?

As an IT support company or a telecoms provider there are a number of reasons why you may be asked to provide call recording solutions.Companies operating in the legal and financial sector are obliged to record calls and store the recording in order to comply with MiFiD II.

Not every organisation needs to record calls, but even small businesses are beginning to realise that recording at least a portion of their calls is a low cost way to achieve the following:

1) Effective staff training

Recording calls provides businesses with a great opportunity to hear how staff deal with customers. Listening to how team members deal with callers allows managers to give feedback and tips on how to offer better support and customer service. Sharing call recordings is also a really quick way for a company to  bring a new call handler up to speed on how best to handle client’s frequently asked questions.

2) Better customer service through active listening

Having to take notes when a customer calls in can be a pain and can get in the way of actively listening. Knowing that you can play back the call to go over the finer details means you can truly listen which creates better caller experience. In addition, by listening closely to call recordings if a customer calls in with an issue,businesses get a better insight to their problems and can take steps to address and avoid these in the future.

3)  Resolution of disputes or complaints

Even if a business does not a have to record and store calls for regulatory purposes, recorded calls can still help resolve disputes and safeguard against legal action from disgruntled customers; particularly useful for smaller businesses where saving money is crucial.

So it’s no longer just large corporations and contact centres that have a demand for call recording. Despite the popularity of emails and live chat, for the SME the phone remains the main point of contact between them and their client. When looking for a call recorder to offer your SME clients you are faced with many options some of which may require extra set-up from you and be expensive for your clients to purchase. If you sign up as a Firstcom partner then you have an off-the-shelf call recorder automatically built into each phone subscription (including mobile!)to offer your clients.

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