9 Reasons to upgrade your business phone line!

It's 2017, still on a phone line? Really?

With BT announcing that its traditional telecommunications network will be switched off in 2025 businesses in the UK are being forced to look for alternatives. Moving from old physical phone lines to modern virtual lines can bring real business benefits: here are nine reasons to move on.

1) Quality.

It’s been known for a while now that traditional business phone lines are on the way out. Internet telephony has come a long way and quality of service comes as standard with most providers.

2) Disaster.

Remember the floods in 2015? Well, many businesses in the South of England lost access to their phone systems during this time period, but with modern Internet based phone line your calls are safe when disaster strikes.

3) Cost.

Have you been given the given the task of looking into finding a new phone system? Traditional phone lines and phone systems are expensive to install and maintain. Your Finance Director will be much happier with the subscription based invoicing of a cloud based phone system.

4) Design.

By nature of their design,traditional business phone lines tend to be inflexible. If you want to add a new phone or create a menu for your main office number you need to call out a telecoms expert. But with an cloud phone system even busy Office Managers with very little IT experience can update and manage their communications with ease .

5) Maintenance.

With traditional business phone lines, you usually need to buy an new system every 7 years.This can be disruptive and expensive. With a modern system the upgrades are carried out remotely by the service provider, meaning you always have the latest version and features.

6) Mobility.

With Mobile systems taking over the world, you can work freely without wires if you changed from a business phone line to a mobile system. Some solutions also include geo numbers meaning you could use your existing business numbers with a mobile.


With new regulations hitting us all in May 2018, business phone lines are easy to intercept and may need some additional hardware to ensure security measures in accordance with GDPR and MFIID II. With an alternative system, you can be encrypted right out of the box.

8) The Titanic,

BT have decided that 2025 will be the iceberg of business phone lines, by announcing that it will stop supporting traditional business phone lines. In Germany, business phone lines are being switched off in 2018. The world is moving on, so why wait, look into alternative solutions now.

9) Look over the horizon.

Although this seems like a pain for some businesses, it really can be easy to switch to a futuristic solution. Don’t be swayed by 64, don’t be swayed by the telephone central train platform and look over the horizon, the Universe is the place to look. With it’s dedicated business phone line replacement they can really help you move on to a futuristic platform.

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