Empower your workforce to work from home

The world’s simplest business communications platform on your computer.

All the functionality of the Universe phone system on your computer screen. Just download the software and you can make and take calls at home without the need for a physical handset.

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The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has seen businesses everywhere needing to quickly set of a teleworking solution.

The Universe softphone has helped our customers stay up and running whilst keeping their employees safe. Easy to install, use and manage, your team can answer and transfer calls just as if they were in the office.

Working from home doesn’t mean out of touch

Flexible: plug in a headset or use your computer’s built-in speakers to turn your PC into an all-in-one communications system.

Streamlined: No need to buy additional hardware. No extra cables or power sockets; just run the Softphone application on an existing device. If you have limited space and budget then Universe for Windows and Mac gives you maximum flexibility and great value for money.

Powerful:  Universe for Windows and Mac delivers clear voice quality and seamless integration with company directory allows you to call your contacts with a simple click.

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How to download and set up Universe on your Windows or Mac device.

For videos on making calls, transfers, accessing voicemails and other features click on the link below.

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Universe for Windows and Mac is a softphone application. You download this in the Selfcare Portal under the Software heading. With the application you can make and receive phone calls and manage call related settings as well.

Here are some of the things you can do here.

  • Dial the contacts you have saved in the Selfcare Portal
  • Listen to and delete your voicemails
  • Forward calls on “always” or “no answer”. (Note that these settings apply to your fixed phone also)
  • Use the on-screen dial pad to make selections for IVRs that you have called and require options to be selected

Yes you just apply this through the Selfcare Portal to all devices.

  • Go to Selfcare Portal / Me
  • Scroll down to Devices
  • Check the devices you want to ring when the number is called.

It means that you can use the same number on multiple devices though one user. So for example you can have

To sign in for the first time you need to use the password sent to you on the welcome email. It applies to all Universe applications and Selfcare. You can change your password to one that is more memorable to you by doing the following;

Go to your Selfcare Portal and log in;

  • Select you name at the top right-hand side of the screen
  • My profile
  • Password
  • Password Again
  • Update Password (Password needs to be longer than 8 digits or letters)

Yes if they have different phone numbers. If they are both on the same One number this cannot be done.

Yes, go to your Selfcare Portal

  • Select “Phonebook”
  • Create contact
  • Complete the relevant details. You can have more than one phone number per contact
  • Create Contact
  • The new contact has now been added and is available for both you fixed phone device and your computer