What are the best business iPhone apps?

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The iPhone is such a good business tool, more and more companies are moving over to mobile devices to allow for an increase in mobile productivity. Here are the top 5 business apps for the iPhone as of yet:

Number 5: Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Apps

After years of company division, in 2013 Microsoft decided to concede and develop its office platform for iOS devices. Now you can use most of the tools from the regular office suite on your portable device and since office file formats are some of the most widely accessible file formats across the world, this allows your iPhone to be truly compatible with everything. Starting off as free apps with restricted features with a paid for option to unlock all of the features.

Number 4: Genius Scan.

Microsoft Office Apps

One of the problems business users have had over the years is not being able to use their iPhone to create PDFs from an image, well with Genius Scan, a free app on the app store, you can now create away! This allows you to finally scan files in using the iPhones camera and then turn them into a PDF to be sent over email, text or other communication platforms. A lifesaver, right?

Number 3: Wunderlist.

Wunderlist App

Pa ding… that’s the cool tone that this app makes when you complete a task! This free app is awesome! It allows you to create lists and share them with other users, making for a great tool for collaboration. Add sub-tasks, assign a task to other users and set up email reminders, this app is great for everything you and your team need to communicate effectively! Oh, and it’s all cloud based! Pa ding… number 3 completed.

Number 2: Gmail and G-Suite.

Gsuite Apps

Google Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides and Mail. The G suite is by far one of the best set of apps that you can get on an iPhone, allowing you to access your Google Drive and edit documents on the move. If you use google mail then it would be no surprise that you have the Gmail app installed on your mobile device, this app is far better than the default mail application and allows you to do everything you can do at your desk on the move! This one is a no-brainer.

Number 1: iWork.

Gsuite Apps

Not many people use Apple’s work suite, but from my experience the default apps you get to edit documents, spreadsheets and slideshows are fantastic. Not only can you collaborate with other Apple users, the editors are built for Apple’s devices and is hardwired throughout the entire iOS experience. They are free to use for most Apple users and with the iCloud online portal, you can log in and edit the things you created on the move on your PC, if you are on a Mac then you should be using Pages, it syncs with your mobile so that every edit is smoothly updated on all your devices.

Not forgetting Universe!

Universe App

All of these apps are great and make the business users experience much much better, the other app that I would recommend is the Universe App, it allows you to manage all of your business telephony and company image straight from the ease of an app. You have to have a Universe subscription to be able to access it though, to find out more about Universe click here!

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