5 things your customers want from their phone system Video script

Watch the video above or read the 5 things your customers want from their phone system Video or read the script below:

1) Ease of use:. Today’s modern phone systems are intuitive and user friendly. Make sure you select a service provider who offers you and your customers some kind of road test of the user interface.

2) Cost Efficiency: Businesses are looking to move away from services that require upfront investment.Predictable monthly costs are replacing old fashioned billing.  With cloud telephony you can offer them improved efficiency and start enjoying predictable monthly commissions.

3) First Class Support: Your customers expect their phones to just work and don’t want to spend precious time managing their system. Modern telephony is simple to use and is a great springboard for you to offer your clients additional services and support.

4) Future Readiness: your clients want a system that’s bang up-to-date. Enter hosted telephony. There is no expensive equipment to buy, just software in the cloud that is easily scalable and not location restricted.

5) Security:  A robust system that delivers high quality voice calls is essential. But an extra layer of security in the form of call encryption will give you something unique that competitors have perhaps overlooked.

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