We look at the top five reasons our customers moved to the cloud

The cloud. We keep hearing about it so it must be good. And we definitely need to move all our business IT into it. When something is in the cloud what does it actually mean? Quite simply your data is running on the Internet instead of on your computer.

So why is the cloud a good thing?

Firstly you can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. Secondly, you don’t need an expensive complicated piece of kit; –  the remote servers do the work. And that’s basically it.

But why would you use a phone system or a PBX that resides in the cloud?  The benefits of cloud pbx are well documented but we decided to chat to our cloud customers and nail down the top five. Here they are:

1. Cost Control

For many of our customers cost saving alone was enough enough of a driver to move to a cloud pbx. Moving from a cap-ex model to an op-ex frees up your capital for better use. With cloud you pay a monthly subscription on a per user basis meaning you control costs up front and get no nasty surprises in call charges.

2. Ease of deployment

With a cloud pbx your service provider maintains the system in the cloud for you meaning you avoid complicated installs and expensive kit that you need to integrate with your network.

3. Future readiness

Technology is constantly evolving but with the right cloud pbx provider you get upgrades and new releases through their hosted platform rather than being stuck with pricy outdated system that eventually becomes obsolete.

4. Access to features

With traditional systems you had to pay your provider to add features to your system. Many cloud PBX providers include features like IVR, voicemail and call transfer in their bundles allowing you to handle all your communications at a fixed price.

5. Mobility

with a cloud PBX you can allow workers to access the system from anywhere, home, office, on the road. This enables you to support flexible working and Bring Your own Device policies.