The top five challenges facing IT companies in 2017!

5 IT Headaches

As an IT Support company you are tasked with looking after all of the mission critical elements of your customer’s business; from on-site support to replacing faulty equipment, you need to ensure that problems don’t arise but be there if they do. We spoke to our IT Partners to find out what they see as their greatest challenges today:

Offering a first class service

Your reputation will depend on providing superior IT products and on building long standing client relationships. From large scale IT implementations to solving routine IT problems you need to deliver the right level of support in a language that your customer understands.


IT companies will look after a variety of clients from different sectors with different business goals, but they will all demand one thing- first class support from you. You probably offer remote or fully managed support for a fixed monthly fee, meaning you or your team will need to be on standby 24/7 to be there to offer professional, fast support when your customer needs it.

Higher customer expectations

Gone are the days when customers just accepted the status quo. The world of work is changing at an incredible pace and customers are presented with a vast amount of choices when purchasing a product or selecting a supplier. Whilst supply and choice have increased, demand has stayed flat meaning that there’s less margin for supplier error. Put simply, if your customer isn’t happy with the products and services they get from you, they will carry out a bit of Internet research and go elsewhere.

Cash flow.

If you are starting out or building up a client base, ready cash to spend on staff, equipment and promotional materials can be a real constraint; in order to build great client relationships you need to invest in highly skilled staff and leading edge products.


Savvy customer, rapid advances in technology and increased supply all makes for a seriously competitive landscape in the IT Support world. To stay ahead, and remain ahead, it is more crucial than ever to offer innovative and reliable products and get a greater portion of your client’s IT spend.

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